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Cloud forrest
At an altitude of 1900 meters Baeza lies in the heart of the cloud forest. It is surrounded by the national park of Sumaco and the ecological reserves of Antisana and Cayambe-Coca. The two major tourist sites of Quito and Tena are both just 90 kilometres away.

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Things to Do in Baeza

Hiking and bird watching
Baeza a perfect place to spend a few days to visit the truly magnificent nature this "elfin forest", home of more than 500 orchids species, which can easily be spotted on the fine hikes around Baeza.  The Baeza area is also a great place for bird watching. Not to missed are the Andean cock of the rock and the Booted racket tail hummingbird- both can be spotted in the back of our garden. These are just two of the over the estimated 600 species in the Baeza area.

Kayaking, rafting, bike riding
Other activities are downhill bike riding and water sport like rafting and kayaking on the nearby river Quijos were the 2002 world championship rafting and kayaking were held. It is considered to be among the top 5 of the world.

Enjoy the Zoo
In the back of our place, a path leads to the waterfall and a small zoo.

Enjoy Baeza Culture
Baeza has a rich historical background, founded in 1546 by a Spanish captain was the administrative centre of the Amazon until the foundation of other places further down the Amazon forest. The colonial parts were the cabins are, is on the list of the national cultural patrimony. The old colonial part now mostly deserted because of an earth quake over 20 years ago still breathes a special atmosphere where a unique kind of serenity lingers.

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